It's Include A Charity Week 2021 – a week that raises awareness of why it is so important to include a charitable bequest to a cause that really matters to you.

At some point you’ll make a will or update one you made previously. It might not be today or even this year, but you will.

Of course your family and loved ones come first. That is only natural and right.

After you’ve done that, leaving a gift in your will to ACF is your legacy to the places, wildlife and people you love.

For over half a century, ACF has contributed to landmark wins for nature. Your bequest will help continue to make historic wins long in the future, for the next century and beyond.


You have the power to change all this

What does leaving a bequest mean to you? Is it securing a future with ongoing wins that are needed for nature and the life we want to protect? Is it simply making sure that your grandchildren would get to see a koala?

When you leave a gift in your will to a cause that matters to you, you leave an imprint of your values in the world for all time.

You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a bequest. Every gift of any size will help because there’s so much work that needs to be done. Will you leave a lasting legacy for future generations?

Header: Jo Wainer, ACF Bequestor, image supplied by Jo Wainer