The objectives of the organisation are delivered through the work of the Council, Board, staff, supporters, members and volunteers. Strictly non-partisan in its work, over the years ACF has enjoyed positive collaborative relationships with diverse sectors of the community, business and government.


The Foundation is a member-based charity incorporated in 1966 as an association under the laws of the Australian Capital Territory, and registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. The organisational structure of ACF is set out by our Constitution. ACF seeks to achieve the highest standards of governance, and endeavours to conduct its affairs with transparency and accountability. Council, Board, Members, staff and volunteers work in accordance with ACF’s Constitution, regulations and guidelines, all of which have been developed to support good governance behaviours.

  • Council is elected every three years by our Members and is directly accountable to Members. Council appoints the Board and has the power to dismiss and review the performance of the Board. It also advises the Board on matters of environmental or organisational significance.
  • Board is appointed by and accountable to Council, and consists of up to 11 members. The Board is responsible for ACF’s strategy and governance and ensures effective operational performance, legal and regulatory compliance and risk management. The Chief Executive Officer is accountable to the Board for the performance of the organisation. The Board appoints the President from amongst its members.
  • Members are vital to ACF’s governance through electing the Council. Without its Members, ACF would not have the influence it does.
  • Staff are located throughout Australia: in Melbourne’s head office and offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. Under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, our staff are responsible for ACF’s day to day operations. ACF staff work across areas such as campaigns, engagement, fundraising, human resources, finance, information technology and supporter service.
  • Volunteers and supporters are essential to the success and scope of our work. Every year thousands of volunteers and supporters generously assist ACF by donating their time, resources and skills.

How do we communicate to our members and supporters?

ACF communicates with its stakeholders through a variety of different channels including:


  • Who appoints the Council? Council is elected by ACF Members.
  • Who appoints the Board? The Board is appointed by Council.
  • How does the Board carry out its responsibilities? The Board meets at least six times a year and has sub-committees. Further information about these may be found in our annual reports.
  • Who appoints the CEO? The Board is responsible for appointing the CEO.

Corporate information

  • Our ABN is 22 007 498 482 and it is registered for GST with ASIC.
  • Our annual statements are lodged with the Office of Regulatory Services in the ACT and with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.