Each year we track local and national trends in Group Health to help us better understand the strengths and areas for growth within our ACF community. The Group Health Coordinator (Britta Wigginton) is responsible for analysing and writing up all group health data, ultimately serving as an objective and neutral voice to both ACF groups and Organisers. In their volunteer capacity, they become someone to whom you can speak honestly and openly with. Feel free to contact Britta at [email protected]

We produce Group Health reports tailored to specific audiences. You will receive an individual group health report for your local group if the following two criteria are met: there are more than 5 responses to the survey (to maintain anonymity of group members), and your group has been active for at least 6 months (the survey is retrospective, so having time and experience working together as a group is important). You will then also be invited to be part of a tailored workshop for your Group. These workshops are facilitated by the Group Health Coordinator who aims to provide a balanced and supportive approach to the planning and implementation of the survey results.

We will also produce a national level report to give a big picture view of all ACF community groups. Have a read of the 2020 Group Health Report. We also produce a series of recommendations for group members and ACF that will be described in this national report (as well as individual reports). It is important that we don’t just report on group health, but also on the action we’re taking as a result of their feedback. These recommendations drive where we put our energy and how we move forward to better support our ACF community.