Each year we track local and national trends in Group Health to better understand the strengths and areas for growth within our Community.

The Group Health Coordinator is responsible for analysing and reporting of Group Health data. This model serves as an objective voice to both ACF groups and Organisers. 

The Group Health reports produced are tailored to specific audiences:

  1. Individual Community group reports may be received if there are more than 5 responses to the survey from your group (this is to maintain anonymity of group members) and your group has been active for at least 6 months (the survey is retrospective, so having time and experience working together as a group is important).
  2. National level report to give an overarching summary of all ACF Community groups health and what action we’re taking as a result of their feedback. These recommendations drive where we put our energy and how we move forward to better support our ACF Community. Have a read of the 2021 Group Health Report.