It’s fantastic that there are so many community members like yourself taking action on local issues, speaking up for rivers, wildlife, forests and other people in their local area.

ACF receives requests every day to support all kinds of really important issues – but as we have limited resources we have to prioritise our own campaigns. ACF takes action at a systemic level, focusing on the laws and institutions that drive climate damage and nature destruction. This means that unfortunately we have limited capacity to take on local campaigns.

As a local citizen, you have a lot of power to rally your community and lobby decision makers. Check out our action kits for some good ideas about how to put pressure on your elected representatives, whether local, federal or state.

You might like to see if there is an ACF Community group near you, so you can take action together.

You could also set up your own Facebook page about the issue and share it with your local community, or create a change.org petition.

Good luck!