We just reached an incredible milestone: half a million signatures on the petition for strong laws that actually protect nature. This truly phenomenal display of community demand is just one of so many inspiring examples of people speaking up for our precious places, wildlife and communities. Let's harness this moment to get action from our elected representatives!

New government, new opportunities for nature protection

We are destroying the forests, wetlands and reefs we love and depend on at a dangerous rate. With one of the worst extinction records on Earth, Australia desperately needs a new vision – and bold action – for nature protection.

The Albanese Government has made some encouraging statements about protecting nature since taking office. Last week Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek announced a goal of ‘zero new extinctions’ in Australia, and the Prime Minister recently joined over 90 nations pledging to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030.

Minister Plibersek has announced plans to introduce changes to nature laws in Parliament next year. But the new generation nature laws we desperately need are far from a done deal – it’s up to all of us to make sure they’re bold and ambitious, including strong environmental standards and an independent regulator to enforce them.

Let’s deliver the petition to every single member of the Albanese Government – and other key decision-makers!

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek is preparing the government's response to the scathing once-in-a-decade review of our failing nature laws, which will shape what changes they could introduce to Parliament next year.

We need Minister Plibersek and our whole Parliament to aim high. We have a critical window now to urge every single member of our government – plus some other key decision makers – to make sure new nature laws are strong, ambitious and include an independent regulator to enforce them.

That’s why 200+ ACF community members have already put their hand up to host a local petition delivery event, and hand over the enormous petition for strong nature laws to their elected representatives’ offices in November.

Will you join them by hosting a local delivery event between 14-18 November?

Volunteers in Mulgrave (VIC) speaking with then-Labor candidate and now MP Carina Garland. volunteers in Mulgrave (VIC) who spoke with then-Labor candidate and now MP Carina GarlandEngaging with decision-makers, just like these volunteers in Mulgrave (VIC) who spoke with then-Labor candidate and now MP Carina Garland, is a powerful way of making sure protecting and restoring nature is on politicians’ agendas. Photo credit: Julian Meehan.

Hosting a local delivery event involves leading a quick, powerful gathering to hand the petition to your local Labor MP or Senator’s office, on behalf of everyone who has signed it in your area.

Our MPs and Senators care deeply about what their constituents think. Being handed a petition with hundreds – and in some cases thousands – of names on it will make it abundantly clear that nature protection is a big local priority.

If you have never hosted an event like this before, or are not quite sure what to expect, that’s okay!

We will support you to host a smooth, fun and impactful delivery event through:

  • Guidance on which MP or Senator to deliver the petition to: We will reach out by text message or email next week to see if you know which decision-maker you would like to focus on – if you haven’t decided yet, we can help.
  • A simple how-to guide that will step you through how to prepare for and run your event, as well as some useful questions to debrief with your friends, family and others in the ACF community afterwards.
  • A localised petition package to hand to your decision-makers’ office, including: how many people have signed the nature laws petition nationally; in your state/territory and electorate; plus some powerful examples of plants, animals and places that are threatened or endangered in your MP’s electorate or Senator’s state/territory.
  • Event promotion: With your permission, we can list your event on our ACF events page so other ACF community members nearby can come along. We can also send a recruitment email to other ACF community members close to you, again with your permission.
  • Online drop-in sessions during the week of 7-11 November. Join me online for a few minutes or the full session to ask any questions you may still have before your delivery event the following week.

Working together, we can ramp up the pressure on every single one of our elected representatives. Can we count you in?

Let’s drive a new wave of signatures into the nature laws petition

If you’ve already signed our biggest-ever petition calling for strong new laws that actually protect nature – thank you! If not, add your name now!

Let’s spread the word and get people from all walks of life adding their voices with us – share the petition with your networks and be part of this incredible moment by hosting a delivery event in your community.

When nature flourishes, so do we. Protecting and restoring nature is good for our communities, our climate, our health and our economy. Let’s get on with it!


Header image: Rainforest in Wooroonooran National Park. Photo: Kerry Trapnell.

Phoebe Rountree

Mobilisation Coordinator at Australian Conservation Foundation