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What are ACF Community webinars?

Each month, we host ACF Community webinars to build a vibrant, powerful and well organised ACF Community to change the story and build people power to fix the system.

Join these webinars to connect with ACF Community groups, hear campaign updates and get skilled up to grow your community's impact.

These webinars are at 6:30pm AEST on the second Tuesday of every month. 

Some useful reading:

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ACF Community Bendigo holds their first meeting

ACF Community Bendigo holds their first group meeting

ACF Community webinars & resources

ACF Community group intro call - view recording

16 April 19

ACF Community Legal webinar - view recording

16 April 19

ACF Community social media training - view recording

19 March 19

ACF Community webinar December 2018 - view recording

17 December 18

ACF Community webinar November 2018 - view recording

16 November 18

ACF Community October webinar - View recording

14 November 18

ACF Community September webinar - View recording

12 September 18

ACF Community August webinar - View recording

23 August 18

ACF Community July webinar - View recording

12 July 18

ACF Community June webinar - View recording

14 June 18