Congratulations, you've formed an ACF Community group! That's a huge step – now it's all about getting your group connected and active.

Connect with the ACF Community

Stay connected within your group, and reach out to a supportive national network with Slack. You'll set up a group channel to coordinate activities and share meeting actions. Start sharing your group's successes with the wider ACF community and even work on joint initiatives with other groups. Also, sign up for the next ACF Community webinar – the monthly gathering of group members from across the country!

Hold your first outreach event

Community organising is all about reaching out to new people to build power, and it's good to get into the habit early. Organise a stall at your local farmers market, host a movie screening and invite your networks, or chat to your organiser about other ideas. 

After your event, you'll probably have the contact details of people who have expressed interest in your group. Learn about Action Centre and how it helps you manage your local supporter base. It's a really powerful local organising tool with lots of features. To get started, just learn how to login and add new people via tutorial video 2.

Make a plan to grow your group

The focus of your next two meetings is exploring growth and discussing reach. You'll use this worksheet to practise your 'story of self' and learn how telling your story is a powerful motivating tool to get others involved. Take a look at Kaz's story of self for a great example.