You've run your first outreach event and you're building connections within the group. What's next?

Map your community

Who are the people who shape your community? Are they already in your networks? How can you reach out to them? The focus of your fourth group meeting is a community mapping exercise to better understand your broader community. The objective is to understand who your potential local allies are, and who you need to influence. Make a plan to reach out to the right people, starting with your existing community connections!

Hold a public group launch

It's time to go public. Plan a fun and interactive group launch to spread the word and invite others to take part. Get people interested and motivated about the key local issues and campaign priorities you'll be working on.

Examples of events include screening a movie or an in-person or online welcome night. Use Action Centre to set up your event and invite people by email, and follow up with people who attended. Ask your community organiser about inviting people on ACF's broader supporter base who live in your area!