Scale is key. Successful groups develop distributed leadership and sustainable allocation of work, where everyone feels empowered to play a role.

Develop working groups

By organising into working groups early, you'll share the workload, and give each group member a role they're enthusiastic and passionate about. Spend time in your next meetings agreeing on the shared norms which will build a strong group and developing a structure which supports this.

Organise into these four areas: here's how to get started. It's okay if you only start out with one group member in each area.

Change the Story – A great choice for people interested in working with local and social media, writing and telling powerful stories.

Strengthen People Power – Excited about including people in activities, motivating others to action and developing future leaders? This network's for you.

Advocate and Campaign – For people enthusiastic about developing local campaign strategies and tactics and shifting decision-makers on our issues.

Grow People Power – Ideal for people who love talking to others, running great local events, and reaching out to new people.

Connect with national networks

Each working group is supported by a national network of staff and group members! It means you can get specialized training and support in the area you work on. Each network has its own channel on Slack, and has a break-out training on the monthly ACF Community webinar.