ACF Community Groups are growing stronger with each campaign. As we look to the future, we know local groups need support to strengthen and build their capacity so we can win great outcomes for nature and the climate. We’ve heard feedback that groups are keen for more structured roles, to avoid concentration of work and help empower more leadership within the group. Watch this information session to understand more. 

How do we structure our groups to help us achieve our big goals to protect nature and climate? We’re building a network of roles in community groups that are focused on different parts of our change strategy: changing the story, fixing the system and building people power. While the whole group will still engage in each of these areas of work, it’s important to have different people leading on different chunks so that it all gets covered. We can’t win on our campaigns if we don’t have people power. And our campaign wins won’t be long-lasting if we don’t change the deep stories that shape society. All of it is important! What contribution might you want to make?

The teams within each ACF Community group that we hope will emerge over time include:

Each team will also be virtually connected with similar teams in other local groups across the country, and have support and training. This will include a bi-monthly webinar: sign up for your teams next webinar now! Regular webinars begin at 6:30pm, with an induction for all new signups at 6pm. You will receive a confirmation email with the log-in details when you sign up.