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Another 56 Australian species have just been added to the international red list of threatened species!

Add your voice for global goals that halt and reverse nature destruction

Australia’s plants and animals are under threat. Our combined voices can protect them.

56 more Australian species have just been added to the international red list of threatened species –bringing the total to 1,830 Australian species in danger!

The threat of extinction extends beyond our shores too. Habitat destruction is threatening Tassie Devils and Tigers alike with extinction. The Great Barrier Reef is collapsing, so is the Amazon.

But strong global nature goals can unite and hold accountable governments worldwide so they take greater, urgent action for forests, rivers, animals and our natural world that sustains us.

Sign the petition calling on the federal government to:

Support ambitious global goals for nature to halt and reverse biodiversity destruction and achieve a Nature Positive world by 2030 at the 15th conference to the parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15).

That means supporting clear and measurable goals and targets, backed by domestic commitments to:

  • End extinction and recover threatened species,
  • Restore the ecosystems we’ve already degraded,
  • Embed the value of nature in all government and business decision-making,
  • Recognise Indigenous rights and stewardship,
  • Protect at least 30% of the planet’s land and oceans,
  • and, to do our fair share of what’s needed, commit to protecting at least 30% of our own diverse lands by 2030 as other nations have.

Want to understand more about how global goals for nature will help Australia's own endangered plants and animals? Read this blog from Nathaniel Pelle, ACF's Business and Biodiversity Campaign Lead, then sign the petition and invite friends and family to add their names too!

Header photo: Jean-Paul Ferrero/AUSCAPE

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Arabella 2022-08-08 18:40:19 +1000
Biodiversity loss has been identified as one of the top threats to the world economy, just behind climate change and wild weather. There’s no excuse for not acting quickly to preserve Australia’s incredible natural places.
Callie 2022-08-08 12:53:29 +1000
Bruce 2022-08-05 14:16:02 +1000
Susan 2022-08-05 08:51:59 +1000
Robert 2022-08-03 18:14:19 +1000
We really need to look after our native flora and fauna as they are beautiful and found nowhere else and have a right to their habitats. Also it is very embarrassing knowing our disgusting extinction record.
Karina 2022-08-03 16:11:46 +1000
Angus 2022-08-03 14:57:50 +1000
Quenorie 2022-08-02 22:09:39 +1000
Sylvia 2022-08-02 10:11:43 +1000
Kina 2022-08-01 07:34:38 +1000
Corey 2022-07-31 22:41:44 +1000
Sonja 2022-07-31 22:06:17 +1000
Mayla 2022-07-31 21:20:42 +1000
Janette 2022-07-31 17:18:56 +1000
Fred 2022-07-29 17:03:08 +1000
Let’s go for it ACF !!
Thanks for all you do :)
Latarnie 2022-07-29 10:54:02 +1000
With Biodiversity loss presenting an increasing threat to humanity we need to invest in restoration and nature positive solutions if we are to have a viable future. Climate change is rapidly accelerating those threats. We can’t benefit by destroying the finite natural systems we rely upon. We can benefit by investing in repair and making long term sustainability a cornerstone of human endeavor.
David 2022-07-29 08:17:32 +1000
Chantel 2022-07-29 00:49:13 +1000
Denise 2022-07-28 15:20:25 +1000
Paula 2022-07-26 22:32:55 +1000
Helen 2022-07-26 18:08:39 +1000
Nature in the balance. Needs our help!
Jean 2022-07-26 14:48:10 +1000
Karen 2022-07-26 01:37:38 +1000
Isabelle 2022-07-23 14:46:42 +1000
Surely we cannot allow our unique plants and animals to die out! We need to repair ecosystems and disallow any further degradation of them. We need rules with teeth and no exceptions.
deb 2022-07-21 21:42:02 +1000
Maureen 2022-07-19 23:27:32 +1000
Please think long term and not short term. Increase protection for our animals and plants will have longer term benefits to our economy that short term destruction.
John 2022-07-11 10:14:13 +1000
We need and expect leadership from government that protects and preserves our native wildlife. Stop logging the greater gliders habitat!
Mei 2022-07-09 11:31:06 +1000
Please support the global goals for the preservation of endangered species
Margaret 2022-07-06 22:08:55 +1000
To pull the endangered Greater Glider populations back from the collision path with extinction, both Victorian & Federal governments must now ‘walk their talk’ ie. save our native forests from continuous clear-felling; provide employment alternatives for the small cohort of timber workers; and re-direct /or preferably mandate that the timber industry turn its business planning to cultivation of tree plantations. The above is the most effective policy path for governments to have a real and immediate impact on increasing favourable habitats for the Gliders. It can be done! I implore Minister Tanya Plibersek to take leadership in this vital conservation campaign.
Thank you
Kirsten Anderson
Toorak VIC
Relative of former Deputy PM John Anderson
Kirsten 2022-07-06 16:03:43 +1000