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Conversations take place on Zoom and run for 40-60 mins. Available times are listed below.

The Queensland Government has announced that 95% of our state’s energy will come from renewables by 2035. It’s a massive shift and regions like Gladstone will be relied on to meet the huge new demand for renewable energy.

Gladstone has experienced boom and bust. We know what it is like for big corporations to come in and leave a mess. To make sure this doesn’t happen again the community needs to be engaged in the process and have a voice.

Together we can advocate for a regional plan that makes Gladstone a world leader in renewable energy, with better services and healthcare. We can grow other industries, like tourism, sport, renewable-powered manufacturing, education and health that make the region a great place to live, raise a family and retire.

But if we don’t raise our voices, we’ll miss out. Instead, it will be billionaires and corporations making the decisions for us.

Book in to join a community conversation to learn about the shift to renewables and how you can help make Gladstone’s future brighter.

Every conversation is building the voice of Gladstone’s community.

ACF Gladstone, the Queensland Community Alliance, local faith groups and unions are all hosting community conversations and reaching out to all corners of town. Together we can present government and business with a powerful, united community voice that cannot be ignored. That way we get a regional plan that works for us and build the future we want.

Can't find a time that works for you? Email Jaclyn to arrange a conversation at a time that suits you.

Together we can break through the cycles of boom and bust and seize the renewable energy opportunity to make Gladstone a great place to live now and for generations to come. 

About your conversation

  • You'll join a group of Gladstone locals, including ACF's Gladstone Campaigner Jaclyn McCosker
  • It is a group conversation and it will go for up to one hour
  • Jaclyn will take you through a structured conversation, but you'll do most of the talking and she'll do the listening

About Jaclyn and ACF

  • Jaclyn McCosker is a Gladstone local working with the Australian Conservation Foundation to support the Central Queensland community through an energy transition.
  • The Australian Conservation Foundation is Australia's national environment organisation. We've been around since 1965.