ACF’s Gift Acceptance Policy outlines the instances where we may or may not accept a gift from a donor or prospective donor in order to live up to our values of being a transparent and ethical organisation.

In order to achieve our mission to protect nature, ACF welcomes a variety of gifts including cash, securities, property and cash equivalents as well as bequests.

At ACF's discretion, non-cash gifts may be held, or they may be sold upon receipt or in the future. ACF may choose not to accept non-cash gifts that are not saleable.

ACF will not accept a gift when to do so would compromise the interests, values, reputation, brand or objectives of ACF.

ACF will not accept any gifts that may have come from illegal activities or from a business directly involved in coal, gas, uranium, petrol, nuclear power, logging, weapons, gambling, tobacco or the inhibition of human rights.

ACF will accept a gift through a Workplace Giving Program from employees of a business that we would ordinarily not be able to accept a gift from, as ACF considers this to be a gift from the individual employee rather than the business. Matched gifts from the organisation under these circumstances, however, will not be accepted by ACF as this is a gift from the business itself.

ACF will not accept a gift when there is a reasonable belief that the donor is in vulnerable circumstances or lacks capacity to make a decision to donate.

ACF respects the privacy of its donors and will not publicly recognise a donor without prior consent.

ACF cannot accept anonymous donations of $1,000 or more.

For a complete copy of ACF’s Gift Acceptance Policy, please contact us at [email protected].