To make your call party a success, you need people there. This is not only so that we can get to the scale we need to in order to have an impact this election, but also so that your party is fun! We want this to be a good experience for people and to help them feel the power of the big movement we’re all part of.

The rule of halves: on average, you can expect about half of the people who RSVP to your event to actually show up. This means that if you want 5 people at your event, you need to get 10 to commit to coming.

You should start with a target number of attendees based on the capacity of your venue and the number of people you know who might be interested. Keep in mind that groups bigger than about 20 can be a bit unwieldy, though you want to get as many people as you can to create a good vibe and to make a big number of calls.

We have written some example invitations to help you recruit your mates and community! In addition to creating an event on our website, you should also think about calling people, sending emails, texting them and creating an event on social media. People often need to hear about an event multiple times before they commit to coming along and some people check their Facebook more than their emails (or vice versa), so don’t be scared to contact people a few times in different ways!