Familiarise yourself with the script, run sheet, and tips documents. Remember you don’t need to know everything there is to know about climate change, you’re just talking to real people and empowering others to do the same.

Ask your ACF community organiser for walksheets for your volunteers. They will either send them to you or teach you how to produce them yourself.

Make sure you have phone numbers for all your doorknockers in your phone, and charge it overnight.

Prepare clipboard kits for doorknockers. Each doorknocker will need a clipboard that contains:

  • A page of tips and tricks
  • A walksheet
  • A petition sheet
  • 10 postcards to leave behind
  • 2 pens

You will also need a sign-in sheet and reportback tally sheet, and a few paper copies of the doorknock script in case there’s someone who can’t use their phone (please try to coach them through any barriers first though!)

Other things to bring (nice to have but not essential):

  • Name tags
  • Signage to help doorknockers find you at your briefing venue
  • Some chocolate or fruit for people

Try out our doorknocking survey which we'll be using on the day!

Make sure you enter your name as 'test' while trying it out – we can then easily take the entries out before uploading the data.