It’s a bit rich for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to say future generations will ‘thank us not for what we have promised, but what we deliver,’ when his government has done neither, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

In his address to US President Joe Biden’s virtual climate summit, the Prime Minister emphasised ‘new technology solutions, through our technology investment roadmap,’ but offered no stronger targets to cut Australia’s emissions.

Meanwhile, President Biden pledged to cut US emissions in half by 2030, Japan nearly doubled its commitments and Canada substantially strengthened its targets.

“It’s a bit rich of the Prime Minister to say future generations will thank us not for what we have promised, but what we deliver, when his government has neither promised nor delivered real climate action,” said ACF’s Chief Executive Officer, Kelly O’Shanassy.

“When the PM says we can rely on him to meet Australia’s targets – which are among the weakest climate targets in the developed world – it’s like a naughty schoolboy saying you can rely on him to not do his homework and get a D in maths.

“The PM attempted to bluff his way through the Biden summit.

“Future generations will only thank us if we dramatically cut our climate pollution – by more than two-thirds – this decade and reach net zero emissions in the next fifteen years.

“We have a highly skilled workforce, the best solar and wind resources in the world and proximity to Asian markets.

“With the right leadership, Australia can cut our emissions and those of our neighbours by exporting renewable energy and green hydrogen, steel and aluminium.

“It’s up to the federal government to lead this charge and make sure Australia does our fair share to secure a safe climate.”

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