The massive human, environmental and economic costs of the Fukushima meltdown are still being felt twelve years on. Alarmingly, well over 500 Olympic swimming pools of wastewater have gathered at the site – and counting.

Starting this year, the Tokyo Electric Power Company is seeking to progressively release the 1.3 million tonnes of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. 

This planned direct ocean dumping has understandably generated opposition from coastal and fishing communities in Japan, Korea and China. It has also raised deep concerns across the wider Pacific community around the adverse environmental and cultural impacts.

Australia must use its regional influence to join the many voices of opposition to this plan. We know that Australian uranium was fueling the Fukushima complex at the time of the meltdowns. This disaster is also our story. That's why we're collectively urging Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong and Minister for International Development and the Pacific Pat Conroy with letters to request Japan halt plans to directly discharge contaminated wastewater in the Pacific.

On this page, there is a pre-filled letter you can send to Penny Wong and Pat Conroy. You are welcome to personalise the email to best reflect your concerns. The more of us that write to the Ministers, the greater confidence they’ll have when they speak out to protect the oceans that they are speaking on behalf of all of us.


Photo: Pacific Ocean, Berenice Mills