Right now is a key decision point for our Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg. Will you ask him to support clean energy and amend the NEG?

Minister Frydenberg took his energy policy, the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) to COAG this week, hoping for agreement by the states and territories.

After huge pressure from thousands of people writing to state energy ministers, backed by an intensive lobbying effort from ACF campaigners, several state governments demanded new changes.

Minister Frydenberg is now under intense pressure to compromise on his all-or-nothing position. That’s why raising your voice right now can add to the pressure and tip the balance.

Will you email Minister Frydenberg and ask him to amend the NEG? These changes will make it easier for a responsible future government to meet our Paris targets:

  • Putting the targets in regulation rather than legislation so they can be easily increased.
  • Reviewing targets every three years and with only stronger targets allowed.
  • Allowing state governments to build more clean energy in addition to the NEG.

Let's make sure that our elected representatives hear loud and clear that we, the people, want to power our lives with clean energy, not climate-wrecking fuels from the last century.