Following up after your event ensures all your hard work pays off! 


Debrief as a team. What worked well, what challenges did you encounter, what would you do differently next time?

Mark attendees in Action Centre. This helps you keep track of how engaged people on your list are, and who's taken what action.

Make follow-up calls to attendees. Call your attendees a day or two after the welcome night. See how they found it, invite feedback and questions that didn't come up at the time, and talk about what's next. At this stage, you might even assign them a 'buddy' – an existing group member who can be their go-to for group matters, to help them settle in and feel welcome.

Check-in with no-shows. Make sure they're ok! Via call or text ask if there were any barriers to coming that could be addressed next time. Stress they're very welcome at the next event you hold.

Report back to the ACF Community. Jump on the #acf-community Slack channel to share and celebrate your experience. How did it feel? What advise to you have for other groups?


You're all done! You've successfully run a welcome night, and opened an avenue for like-minded supporters to take action with your group. That's a big achievement.