Adani’s 'plan' to protect the endangered Southern Black-throated Finch is grossly inadequate and the bird could be wiped out forever. Adani plan to bulldoze critical habitat – and then later on protect (“offset”) habitat elsewhere. Like on the site of Clive Palmer’s proposed coal mine. That’s ridiculous.

By law, the Queensland government must approve a finch management plan before Adani can start digging. But an independent scientific review was critical of Adani’s plan. So now Adani is throwing a corporate tantrum.

Adani is putting huge pressure on the Queensland government, bombarding them with billboards and radio ads. The Murdoch press is cheering them on. Scientists wrote back with an open letter saying Adani's "relentless, sustained and defamatory" attacks on scientists undermines the role of science in decision-making.

It is critically important that the Queensland government stands firm against Adani’s bullying. If they feel like the community is with them, they will feel confident to follow proper process and listen to the experts.

Will you write to Queensland decision makers Premier Palaszczuk, Deputy Premier Trad and Minister Enoch, asking them to stand firm and listen to the experts? Ask them to reject Adani's grossly inadequate finch management plan and implement all recommendations made by the independent scientific review panel.

Your quick letter can make a huge difference!

Premier Palaszczuk, Deputy Premier Trad and Minister Enoch: please listen to the experts and reject Adani's inadequate finch management plan