Introducing your ultimate climate change conversation starter!

Comedian Craig Reucassel – from The Chaser and ABC’s hit series War on Waste – is turning his attention to climate change, with the three-part documentary Fight for Planet A.

It started on Tuesday 11 August at 8.30pm AEST on the ABC. After each episode airs you can catch up anytime by watching them on ABC iview.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the show. It’s funny and smart. It made me laugh, and think, and smile.

Craig and the folks he chats with explain carbon emissions and climate solutions so clearly (more clearly than I sometimes do, when chatting with friends or family over the dinner table – my points are well intentioned but sometimes a little muddled. Have you ever had that experience?!)

All of us in the ACF community are getting ready to harness the wave of interest in stopping climate damage that this compelling series will start.

Will you host a Planet A Action Hour with your friends and family?

We’re excited about Fight for Planet A because the War on Waste series was such a hit across Australia. It shone the spotlight on Australia’s waste, with (get ready for some numbers) 3.8 million viewers. And it prompted a whopping 68% of those people – that’s about 20% of this country’s adult population – to change their behaviour.

And what’s more, people thought about the big picture! They realised what big systemic changes were needed from business and government, and flocked to waste-reduction initiatives. The ABC team counted 452 programs – in community, business, universities, schools and government across Australia – that were influenced by this show.

That’s one show, and a whole lot of positive change! So we’re enthused to see the flurry of conversation and action from Fight for Planet A. Sign up for our handy toolkit with conversation starters and action resources, have a think about who in your networks will be watching the series – or might like to – and let’s turn conversation into action!

If you’re under tight coronavirus restrictions (hello fellow Victorians!), gather your friends online and host a digital action party. If you can safely and legally have a small gathering (looking at you, South Australians) or larger gatherings (hi Western Australians), invite your mates over and take advocacy action together.

Wherever you are in Australia, you can do this. We’ll give you conversation prompts and resources to support you and your community to reach out to your local MP and big business and remind them to make sure what we do today leads us to the future we want – a fairer, more resilient society, a healthy planet and a safe climate.

So – invite your friends and family, or your partner or housemate, put on your comfy lounging-about-watching-TV clothes, grab your favourite snacks, check out Fight for Planet A, and let’s talk.

Note: please be sure to follow your local restrictions on gathering with others. You can easily host a Planet A Action Hour online. If you'd like help facilitating online, come along to a host support drop in session (available on Thursday 13 August, Tuesday 18 August and Thursday 20 August).


ABC and University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures: War on Waste Impact Report

Phoebe Rountree

Mobilisation Coordinator at Australian Conservation Foundation