Previous Fellows have identified what a transformative experience the Fellowship has been, and how it has seen many go on to secure paid roles at BirdLife, the Victorian Greens, Climate Reality Project, Amnesty International, AYCC, Monash’s Climate Change Communications Research Hub, and ACF. Here are just a few of their stories:

"The ACF Fellowship gave me lived experience of working with a driven, capable network of professionals working to defend nature and climate. My skills were challenged and recognised, and I came out of the Fellowship more aware and more able to articulate my skills, passions, work areas of interest, preferred work styles and professional goals for the future. I remain grateful for the chance to meet inspiring colleagues - especially those whom I've worked with since in other roles.” 

 2017 ACF Fellow Kim Garratt. Kim has gone on to work with Birdlife, study investigative journalism and work with ACF in environmental investigations. 

"ACF is a great place to get skills and meet fabulous humans. For international students like me, it is a great learning space to understand Australian political advocacy and the democratic system, as well as the inclusive environmental movement. ACF want to include people from different backgrounds and I want to see more people from multicultural communities joining ACF to provide different perspectives to their work. I highly recommend people of colour, international students and people from different communities to apply." 

 2020 ACF Fellow Jing Yang. Jing is currently doing a Narrative & Communications Fellowship with ACF, working to engage wildlife photographers to advocate for threatened species. 

"The ACF Fellowship turned up just at the right time, and has been a unique opportunity for me to immerse myself in a community organisation and the environmental movement... Everyone in the ACF staff and Community are so generous in sharing their experiences and insights, and supportive of my interest in learning as much as I can during this deep dive into the sector. Every day is different and I’m so inspired by the work I’m delighted to be part of now. With this experience behind me, I can’t wait to see what comes next."

 2020 ACF Fellow Kirsten MacLeod. Kirsten has been able to use what she's learning in her community organising fellowship in her paid work in the university sector.