ACF wants the Fellowship opportunity to be accessible and attractive to applicants of all economic backgrounds. However, we recognise that there may be significant financial barriers which may exist preventing individuals from volunteering two days per week in the environment movement.

In light of this, for the Summer 2022 Fellowship Cohort, ACF are awarding six scholarships (valued at $2,000 each) for the duration of the Fellowship.

The six scholarships will be awarded on application to any candidate who can demonstrate that they would be unable to participate in the Fellowship without financial support. See the terms and conditions here.

In candidates, we value lived experience in migration and/or seeking asylum amongst yourself or your family, speaking languages other than English in the home, applicants who are themselves or whose parents are casually or precariously employed, candidates who have experiences with Centrelink, and candidates from diverse and intersectional lived experiences.

Candidates coming from a low income community are not only desirable, but the financial barriers preventing individuals from volunteering for roles like this is a challenge this scholarship seeks to address.

In the cover letter of your application for the ACF Fellowship, we recommend:

  • Clearly stating that you wish to apply for a scholarship as well.
  • Outlining the demonstrable financial need for this scholarship - will you be unable to participate without it, will you face significant hardship but still able to participate, or will you still be able to participate without it (and without facing significant hardship)?
  • Noting any relevant personal circumstances that may have impacted your ability to engage in volunteering in the environment movement in the past, including (but not limited to): carer responsibilities, sole parent responsibilities, age, personal medical conditions, disability, culturally and linguistically diverse background, racial status or ethnicity, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, refugee status, relocation from a regional or remote area, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status or similar.
  • Elaborating on how you might use your participation in the ACF Fellowship to positively benefit environmental action within your community.