ACF is partnering with Climate for Change to have conversations in people’s homes, among friends. They are Australia’s only organisation specifically focused on helping people to have better conversations about climate change.

Climate for Change are offering you the opportunity to be trained as a facilitator to run powerful discussions about climate change. 

As a facilitator you’ll be supported and trained to run small group discussions in people’s homes. You will play an important role to help your guests understand:

• What climate change means for them
• What needs to be done to stop climate change
• How they can take powerful and meaningful action

The best facilitators aren’t climate change experts! They are people who care about making a difference and are good listeners. Much of the climate change information presented at a group discussion is covered in a video. And the Climate for Change team will train you in everything else.

To be a facilitator sign up here and the Climate for Change team will contact you soon to provide you with more information and answer any questions.


ACF will pass your details along to Climate for Change so that they can contact you about facilitator training. You can view their privacy policy at