The Senate Environment Committee wants to hear personal stories about Australia’s extinction crisis.

Making a submission to a Senate inquiry is easy. In your own words, explain why our wildlife is important to you and why you want our political leaders to act. In your submission, consider:

  • Why does extinction matter to you?
  • What are your experiences?
  • What do you think should be done to fix the problem? 

Need some inspiration? Read our extinction report, or base your submission off these points:

  • Australia is the midst of an extinction crisis. Right now, nearly 2000 Australian plants and animals are at risk of extinction.
  • We need national leadership to turn this around. The Australian Government must re-write our national environment laws to protect threatened species and their homes. The new laws must stop land clearing and logging in threatened species habitats, and protect the critical habitat our wildlife need to survive. 
  • New laws should be backed by strong and independent national institutions – including a national Environment Protection Authority and an independent environment commission.
  • New laws must also guarantee community rights and participation in decision making.
  • Alongside new laws the government should invest $1 billion of public money into a national environment fund to implement recovery actions and protect important places.

Please note your submission will be made public. 

Header image: Doug Gimesy