People are at the heart of everything we do to protect our planet. To act in line with our values, and to achieve the bold change we seek, we must represent the richness of diversity within our communities so that all of us who care about nature can step up and lead.

Australia is culturally diverse, with nearly one-in-three people being from culturally diverse backgrounds or born in another country.

To be truly people powered, ACF should reflect Australia’s cultural diversity: in our supporters, volunteers and staff.

Right now, we don’t.

We pledge to grow our cultural diversity to better represent all people who care about nature. We know this will lead to greater impact because working together is how we create the bold change we need to address the climate and extinction crises. It is also the right thing to do.

The solutions we seek are and must continue to be good for people and our planet. Through addressing the climate and extinction crises, we have huge opportunities to address current issues of injustice in our communities.

Let’s embrace them. Nature thrives in diversity and so will we as we create an inclusive, equitable and fair ACF community.

Right now ACF is focused on cultural diversity because this is a gap in our organisation. We recognise other forms of diversity such as age, gender, ability and socio-economic status are important. ACF has a separate statement and actions to support First Nations people in acknowledgement that First Nations People hold unique knowledge and rights inherited from their ancestors and Country and have cared for this country since time immemorial.

What do we mean by equity, diversity, inclusion and justice? 

  • Equity: Creating fair access, opportunity, and advancement for all people, acknowledging that some people face barriers others do not and proactively addressing this.
  • Diversity: Building a team with people from a range of backgrounds/cultural backgrounds, which enables us to be the strongest community that delivers the best work we can.
  • Inclusion:  Building and nurturing culture where staff and supporters of all cultural backgrounds feel a sense of belonging and can thrive.
  • Justice: We advocate for climate and nature solutions that are right and fair – that help to address rather than deepen, existing systemic inequality.

Our pledge

We pledge to work towards an inclusive, equitable and safe community for everyone who cares about nature, free of discrimination and prejudice and to ensure that our solutions do right by people and the planet and help to address rather than deepen existing systemic inequality.