The Victorian government’s announcement that the state will aim to get 65% of its power from renewables by 2030 and 95% by 2035 signals a decisive move in the energy transition, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today.

In addition to the new targets, the Andrews government has announced that it will set a 2035 emissions reduction target of between 75 and 80% and the state will be net zero by 2045.

The government will re-establish a state electricity corporation and 4.5 gigawatts of renewable power will be publicly owned.

“ACF warmly welcomes the Andrews government’s commitment to decisively shift to clean energy in the coming decade,” said ACF’s climate and energy program manager Gavan McFadzean.

“This is a big move for a state that used to be almost entirely reliant on burning coal for its electricity needs and sets the benchmark for states like Queensland and Western Australia that are lagging behind in their emissions reduction efforts.

“The Albanese government should take note and set its own science-based 2035 target.

“Victorians are feeling the impacts of climate change – through record-breaking floods some years and bushfires and heatwaves other years – so strong, decisive action to move away from fossil fuels is responsible and important.

“These targets and the plans to re-establish a state electricity corporation will help combat climate change and give business and workers confidence about the path ahead.

“It will be important for the government to help affected communities – especially those in the Latrobe Valley – to adapt to new industries and for former coal sites to be cleaned up.

“Climate action can deliver jobs and economic benefits, particularly in the regions, certainty for investors and can reduce cost of living pressures for households.

“Given the seriousness of the climate crisis, we call on Opposition Leader Matthew Guy to back the plan to ensure emissions reduction, energy security and investment certainty, regardless of which party forms government after next month’s state election.”

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