Your federal Member of Parliament (MP) needs to know the urgent demand for climate action in your community. They are elected to represent you and it’s their duty to listen to and address community concerns.

There are only 151 MPs and together they can give many thousands of people jobs installing solar panels, restoring degraded rivers, parks and wetlands, laying bike paths and weatherproofing schools and homes. These jobs will get people back on their feet and help solve long-term challenges.

In the past year, our lives have turned upside down. Bushfires, a global pandemic, and epic disruption. Yet despite the challenges, neighbourhoods are caring for each other. Leaders are listening to experts and set smart policies to save lives. Communities are uniting.

This is a critical juncture. We keep working together for a better future or we fall apart. It’s why writing an email and speaking out right now is so important!

This doesn’t have to be a long email! Tell your local MP who you are, and why you have been moved to write them an email. 

It’s important to be clear about what you want them to do. See below ACF’s vision for us to Recover, Rebuild, Renew. Feel free to use these demands in your email to your MP!

“We can’t keep digging up and burning coal and gas. For a future where we all can thrive, make plans now to:

  • RECOVER with future-proof jobs that help people recover, now, while caring for our environment and solving long-term problems  
  • REBUILD our economy to make Australia climate and nature-positive. That means fixing our environment laws so they actually protect nature, and prioritising climate solutions, nature based tourism
  • RENEW our energy system so it’s clean and renewable – make Australia a clean energy superpower and renew nature laws”

Find out more: We recommend 20 specific actions to deliver on this vision in our economic reform agenda, 'Recover, Rebuild , Renew: Let’s make things right for people and our country.'