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Comment on any Siemens’ post, asking them to rule out working with Adani (the post where Siemens shares their dream to 'make cities more livable, industry more efficient and society more sustainable' would be a good one to comment on – that vision doesn’t align with supporting coal projects, does it?!)

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  • Keep it short and punchy – people (including from Siemens!) are more likely to read a shorter post than a really long one
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  • Make it personal – after all, this is your message to Siemens! Make it unique to you. You might want to share why you care about stopping projects that will fuel climate damage, like Adani, and protecting our planet

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Latest Supporters

William 2019-12-13 15:18:09 +1100
Janne 2019-12-13 15:04:30 +1100
I left a note of Siemens facebook page
Rowena 2019-12-13 15:03:53 +1100
Peter Lamb
Peter 2019-12-13 15:01:22 +1100
Anna 2019-12-13 14:52:37 +1100
Siemens giving the green light for Adani is a hypocrisy. Adani will do so much more damage to Australia than just C02 emissions which you claim to be able to make coal fired power plants more efficient. What about water usage in a drought stricken country, what about displaced native fauna and flora, what about the social impacts on people. Adani is going to be destructive in more than just further C02 emissions and by agreeing to work with them you now also shoulder their disgusting morals. This is an opportunity to reject coal and step away from fossil fuels. You’re as greedy as our disgusting leader @ScottMorrison4cook. Shame on you.
Lachlan 2019-12-13 14:46:49 +1100
NSW is on fire! Worst drought in memory. Are air is polluted!
No more coal projects.
Siemens dream does not allow working with Adani Coal mine. Withdraw from this project.
kay 2019-12-13 14:36:55 +1100
How can you justify putting profit before the health of our children?

Please do the right thing and step away from the dirty coal mine Adani is threatening us with.
Therese 2019-12-13 14:34:41 +1100
robyn pettit
An extremely disappointing, shockingly stupid, shortsighted, damaging very poor decision. Your connection with Adani will cause serious permanent reputational and economic damage to your company and you will deserve it. It’s not too late to change your mind. Read the science. Do the right thing for the environment and the world now and for the future.
I liked about 10 similar comments!
Robyn 2019-12-13 14:27:10 +1100
Stop this polluting mine now.
Fiona 2019-12-13 14:19:06 +1100
Roelant P Tops
Roelant 2019-12-13 14:09:44 +1100
Please don’t support the Adani mine. Our environment is in a crisis with mass extinctions, dry rivers, raging fires, the impact of this mine will be so detrimental. Coal is backward technology. C’mon Siemens lead the way! Please!
Nichole 2019-12-13 14:09:33 +1100
Doug 2019-12-13 14:09:06 +1100
Stephanie 2019-12-13 13:59:17 +1100
So you believe that we can get to zero net emissions by 2050 by building more coal fired power station which are 45% more efficient? Sounds like Climate Denier talk to me. Renewables will get us there – not coal.
Gary 2019-12-13 13:58:15 +1100
I’ve emailed Joe Kaeser, posted a similar message of condemnation on their FB page, and shared the link to their page with the following comment:
“These morons at Siemens think that supporting the Adani coal mine is somehow consistent with reducing CO2 emissions. I’ve just posted on their FB page to let them know what I think of this absurd greenwash. I used to think Siemens was a reputable company; I now regard them as utterly complicit in the wilful destruction of our planet in pursuit of short-term profit.”
Chris 2019-12-13 13:47:05 +1100
Your innovations on decarbonisation are too little too late. Signals won’t bring those innovations to the Adani mine anyway. You are just enabling local and far-reaching destruction when 61 major companies have done the right thing and ruled out working with Adani. Shame on you! Please pull out while there’s still time.
Pam 2019-12-13 13:41:51 +1100
I am in tears today.

I hope that your decision to finance Adani’s destructive polluting mine brings your company down and you go completely broke.
Ela 2019-12-13 13:40:22 +1100
Dear Joe Kaeser,
As the CEO of Siemens I know that your company must make a profit, however, there must be limits to the moral compass that your company takes.
Other companies have refused to touch ADANI as one of the biggest driver of emissions and fuels adding to the climate crisis.
Do you have children and grandchilden? I hope you are thinking of the world they will be inheriting. Do you want them to see the Great Barrier Reef?

Please do not work with this project, no one else will touch it for good reason.
Make profits else where.

Yours sincerely,
Penny Baldwin
Penny 2019-12-13 13:36:55 +1100
I say NO to Adani!
Kelwin 2019-12-13 13:34:35 +1100
Rosie 2019-12-13 13:33:29 +1100
To all Siemens employees, I do hope that your children and their children will not suffer from the madness that currently exists in your Company. Let your fellow slaves know how you feel about Siemens colluding with Adani to build an edifice that will contribute to climate change and potentially ruin your children’s safe future.
Wes 2019-12-13 13:30:02 +1100
Seija 2019-12-13 13:27:12 +1100
Another greedy company like ADANI ANKY CARE ABOUT MONEY
Anthony 2019-12-13 13:25:45 +1100
I have written a letter as I am not a Facebook user.
Frances 2019-12-13 13:21:32 +1100
Right now, when large players like Rio Tinto, Superfunds and the banks are getting out of coal, you have decided to work with Adani.
Our country is burning, we are in the midst of a horrific drought. And you think assisting the mining of fossil fuels is a good investment.
This week Australia is to experience 50 degree days. How do you expect animals, children, the elderly and anyone without air conditioning to survive?
Smoke has impacted my community for weeks. Children have been sent home from school. Children have been told not to go outside. .
This week Australia is to experience 50 degree days. How do you expect animals, children, the elderly and anyone without air conditioning to survive?
Smoke has impacted my community for weeks. Children have been sent home from school. Children have been told not to go outside.
Do you not have children and want to plan for their future? Don’t you think the wisest thing to do now, especially with your technology and intelligence, would be to help plan for a greener, cooler world, rather than hasten the existence of what we currently have now?
Are you serious?
Hallie 2019-12-13 13:17:39 +1100
Protect the environment for all generations
B&G 2019-12-13 13:11:50 +1100
Tking out that ammount of water in a farming and cattle area that needs this under ground water has taken millions of years to build up as an aquaifer and help our cattle and farmers survive no mining should be done here,bloody stupid
Edward 2019-12-13 13:10:56 +1100
Aaron 2019-12-13 13:09:36 +1100
Steve 2019-12-13 13:09:23 +1100