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Comment on any Siemens’ post, asking them to rule out working with Adani (the post where Siemens shares their dream to 'make cities more livable, industry more efficient and society more sustainable' would be a good one to comment on – that vision doesn’t align with supporting coal projects, does it?!)

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Latest Supporters

Cathryn 2019-12-14 21:00:17 +1100
Please cancel the contract with Adani.
Maxwell 2019-12-14 20:29:09 +1100
Which side of History will Siemens be on?
Jo 2019-12-14 19:56:10 +1100
Pity those complicit in adding to our critical climate debacle. Sad choice to join the Adani mine project.
Christopher 2019-12-14 19:42:42 +1100
Please don’t support Adani. Our future well being calls for companies with a social and environmental conscience, not just dollar driven.
Judy 2019-12-14 18:24:04 +1100
Kyrsty 2019-12-14 17:54:37 +1100
Bill 2019-12-14 17:06:26 +1100
My plea to Siemens
Mary 2019-12-14 16:57:11 +1100
As Australia burns your support of Adani is appallng news for Australia and the World
Turn your decision rap uj nd or So we n end reputation will be in ruins.
Miriam Jane 2019-12-14 15:36:21 +1100
Coal exports from Australia already make a major contribution to world wide greenhouse gas emissions. Often there are up to 60 coal tankers offshore from any single coal port on the east coast of Australia, waiting to be filled. This is a huge global dilemma as the consequences of climate warming are now blatantly and acutely obvious (floods, droughts, fires, water shortages, refugee problems). Why your company wants to be a part of this folly by assisting another massive expansion of coal use (Adani – Galilee), I do not know. You should reconsider, you have better ways to invest your time, expertise and money. The bottom will inevitably full out of the coal market, after much greater costs to us all. Show some financial, social environmental maturity and withdraw from investing in coal infrastructure.
Peter 2019-12-14 15:29:23 +1100
Please be responsible and reverse this ill advised decision
Clive 2019-12-14 14:54:34 +1100
Assuming there is such thing as corporate responsibility your company has very little credence as a result of your subservience to Adani.
Richard 2019-12-14 14:47:37 +1100
Lauren 2019-12-14 14:44:28 +1100
I’m outraged that your greed is putting more Australians’ lives in danger. We are already burning without you supporting Adani to worsen our already horrifying changes to our climate.
Ingrid 2019-12-14 14:43:32 +1100
Rob 2019-12-14 14:11:26 +1100
Henrietta 2019-12-14 14:11:00 +1100
Annette 2019-12-14 13:35:36 +1100
Don’t work with Adani!
Natalie 2019-12-14 13:30:20 +1100
Please stop supporting Adani. Think of the future.
Valda 2019-12-14 13:26:00 +1100
This time your support of ADANI will mean death to our Barrier Reef and will endanger more than the 6 million victims of Germany’s past. Do the right thing and refuse to be part of a extinction that will affect all of us, across all ethnic backgrounds and religions. Show us Germany and Siemens have learn the lessons of history! Thanks.
DOlores 2019-12-14 12:54:20 +1100
Why, Why Siemens ARE You Making viable the creations of millions of tones of CO2. Invest in Hydrogen not Coal.
sepp 2019-12-14 12:50:55 +1100
Please,Siemens,rile out working for Arabi,think about the ecosystem and biodeversity,before it’s too late,and climate change.!
Roberta 2019-12-14 12:02:23 +1100
Siemens Australia are proposing to provide the rail signalling equipment for the huge Adani coal mine railway that connects the huge Queensland Galilee Basin coal deposit to coal shipping terminals on the coast. Other companies have declined to provide this vital equipment, so should Siemens.

If the world is to stay under 1.5C global warming the huge Galilee Basin coal deposit cannot be burned.
Andreas 2019-12-14 11:32:23 +1100
I emailed the Siemens CEO to express my disappointment at their decison to work with Adani.
Julian 2019-12-14 11:14:45 +1100
Peter 2019-12-14 10:28:14 +1100
Shame on Siemens for collusion in the disastrous expansion of coal extraction by Adani in Galilee Basin.
Governments compromised in fake climate denial fail us.
Siemens understand science and know what they are doing.

Instead of embracing the great future of renewables, Siemens is choosing to prop up this grab for short term profit
and abandon future generations to relentless climate change. This in the face of the holocaust burning up the Australian bush and wrapping Sydney in smoke today. Air not safe to breathe, now, here, in Australia’s capital city.

Siemens many lesser competitors are refusing to collude with Adani.

When will Siemens divest from fossil fuel and choose instead to grasp insread the advance in renewable technology that will be inevitably the way of the future?

Listen to the climate scientists. Listen to the school strikes. Say no to Adani.
Danielle 2019-12-14 10:18:06 +1100
Stop Adani
Allison 2019-12-14 10:04:44 +1100
If Siemens is ‘… actively driving decarbonisation across many industries.’ Pray tell – why are you signing up to install Adani’s signalling system for their polluting coal mine’s railway line?!
Dana 2019-12-14 09:52:47 +1100
Joe Kaeser

You will be held personally accountable. When all the legal protections for corporate criminality that have been put in place by the ruling class are demolished you will be held accountable! Not, maybe, criminality by the definitions of their legal system and courts but the criminality which is destroying our planet and people of the world to line their pockets. History should have taught you that nothing lasts forever!
Hilary 2019-12-14 09:28:19 +1100
Anastasia 2019-12-14 09:20:52 +1100