While everyone’s distracted by the pandemic, the Morrison Government is trying to rush through disastrous changes to climate laws.

The encouraging news? Your Senators Stirling Griff and Rex Patrick can use their votes to protect our future.

Your local voice is powerful – encourage Senators Griff and Patrick to support laws that protect our climate by sending them a quick email!

Writing a compelling message can be quick and easy. Simply introduce yourself, write from the heart and be clear about what you're asking for.

Your Senators can be a voice for accountability and transparency. Our federal government has a duty to fund energy projects that are good for people and planet – not more polluting fossil fuels.

Ask Senators Griff and Patrick to save Australia’s green banks like the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) by:

  • Keeping our clean energy agencies clean – don’t change their remit to support fossil fuels.
  • Maintaining their independence – don’t give the Minister, Angus Taylor, the powers to override investment decisions of the independent board
  • Retaining the requirement to deliver a return on investment to Australians – investors won’t back gas, and neither should taxpayers.

If we can demonstrate a cascade of local support to the Senators' offices with encouraging, personal messages from the people they represent, they will sit up and listen.


Header image: Endangered Sea Lions swim underwater at Hopkins Island, South Australia. Image credit: Michael Patrick O'Neil