The re-elected Queensland government made some big commitments on renewables last year. Together, let's encourage them to make Queensland a renewable energy superpower in 2021!

Our elected representatives listen when we speak up together.

Soon, ACF climate campaigners Jason Lyddieth and Gavan McFadzean will meet with crucial new ministers for nature and climate in Queensland to discuss in detail Queensland's pathway to being a renewable energy superpower. 

Now's the perfect opportunity to show Mick de Brenni, the Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen, and Meaghan Scanlan, Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef just how many Queenslanders want them to act!

Together let's encourage the re-elected government to prioritise transitioning away from dirty fossil fuels like coal and gas, and make Queensland a renewable energy superpower! Email the Ministers now, introduce yourself briefly and ask how they will fulfill the commitments they made to us, the Queensland community, to:

  1. Contribute $145 million for Queensland Renewable Energy Zones (REZs)
  2. Create a $500 million renewable energy fund
  3. Achieve at least 50% renewables by 2030


Photo: Carmichael River, QLD. Credit: Ali Sanderson