With a federal election imminent, nearly a hundred thousand people have joined the #ClimateElection campaign and said they’ll be climate voters.

If you're a climate voter, the most impactful thing you can do now is to tell the major party decision makers to step up with stronger climate policies.

If they want our votes, they must stop Adani’s polluting mine. End digging and burning coal. Switch to 100% clean energy.

We've rigorously analysed the major parties' policies against 50 key tests covering renewable energy, phasing out coal, stopping Adani's coal mine and protecting nature. And they're not doing enough.

Explore the parties’ scores and see how they align with your views.


Choose the party you want to email and write your message now! Emails go to party leaders and key decision makers on climate and environment.

Thousands of Australians are sending our nation’s climate decision makers personal messages.

Writing a message in your own words is powerful and takes just a few minutes. Send your message now.