The Leaders Summit on Climate, hosted by US President Joe Biden on 22 and 23 April, is a critical moment for raising climate ambition on the international stage.

Together, we can show every member of our government that we need them to step up. Contact your Coalition MP now!

When MPs hear from people in their electorate, they know there are many more people who care about the issue but haven’t yet spoken up.

So your email counts.

Wondering what to say? We've put some talking points into the email to get you started. But remember to personalise your email. Personalised emails are most powerful! Remember to:

  • Introduce yourself briefly, in 2-3 sentences. Mention that you live in their electorate. Say something about who you are; are you a teacher? A parent? A grandparent? A member of a community group? A young person?
  • Tell your MP what you want, clearly and respectfully. You can use the talking points in the email if you like. 
  • Thank the MP for their time.

No longer living in an electorate with a Coalition MP? Email a Coalition Senator instead!