Right now we have a Labor state government and they’ve promised real action on climate that they’re a little hesitant to deliver.

Let's give them the push they need to protect our homes, communities and reef for generations!

This weekend is the Queensland Labor State Conference. This means all of Labor’s MPs will be in the one spot. If we send them hundreds of emails each, they’ll talk among one another and realise that the people want leaders who will tackle climate change head-on. No pussyfooting about!

Send your local Labor representative a one minute email now and give them the push they need to take action on the climate crisis and power Queensland with clean energy from the sun and wind.

Our state government is acting slow even though they talked big. We need to show them that the only opponents to climate action are Clive Palmer and the coal barons. 

It was only last election that our state government committed to making Queensland’s energy 50% renewable by 2030. Let’s remind them! 

Want to do more? Send an email to Queensland Labor's key decision makers now! 

A switch to clean energy is a switch to a healthier Queensland future with clean air and new careers in our cities, towns and farms for generations.

Together we can make a difference.