With our current political leadership vacuum on the climate crisis, now more than ever we need big, mainstream voices like Cricket Australia to join fire chiefs and health professionals demanding climate action. 

Nearly 5,000 Australians have already signed a petition asking Cricket Australia to represent their fans and players as a climate leader – but they have yet to step up to the crease. 

Cricket Australia is a huge institution with massive political clout and lobbying muscle. It reaches millions of Australians from all walks of life. If we all flood their inboxes and storm their twitter hashtags, we can change the conversation and encourage them to lead.

Can you ask Cricket Australia to speak up and demand climate action? Let’s all email Cricket Australia's most powerful decision makers – CEO Kevin Roberts and Chair Earl Eddings – and ask them to use their powerful voice and lead the way on climate and clean energy!

Let's ask Cricket Australia to: 

1. Use their powerful voice:

  • Speak up for national action by Australia's government and businesses to cut climate pollution
  • Speak up for action to move Australia to 100% clean energy
  • Rule out accepting sponsorship from coal, oil and gas companies

2. Back in clean energy: 

  • Make a commitment to transition Cricket Australia’s own electricity use to 100% clean energy
  • Support state & grassroots cricket clubs to go to 100% clean energy

3. Lead the way:

  • Collaborate with cricket governing bodies around Australia and the world to create an action plan to make cricket a climate leader 
  • Be a champion for more Australian government funding for frontline health and emergency services to support communities survive extreme weather
  • Champion a plan to protect grassroots cricketers from the impact of extreme heat

Personalise your email!

Add your own story for even more impact – you could add: 

  • How did you get involved in cricket? What does cricket mean to you?
  • Have you experienced any impacts of climate change on cricket, like more extreme weather
  • Why do you think Cricket Australia should lead on climate action? 

Suggested talking points: 

Climate change is already hurting the cricketing world:

  • The recent ground-breaking report ‘Hit for Six' examined how climate change is drying out cricket grounds, making players more vulnerable to heat stress and increasing the likelihood of match disruptions from extreme weather.
  • Australian spin bowling legend Share Warne was so shocked by the report he urged cricket leaders to take action now.
  • Climate change is already leading to more extreme heatwaves – and will worsen unless we act now.

Cricket Australia needs to lead: 

  • Cricket Australia already leads thorough research on impacts of heat stress on elite cricketers. But treating symptoms, rather than the causes, of climate damage is not enough.
  • When sporting organisations speak up, Australians listen! Cricket Australia must lead to help us achieve a country and world free from climate pollution.

For more information, check out our report, Caught behind: Climate change, extreme heat and the Boxing Day Test with Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub. 


Photo: Marc Dalmulder, flickrcc