ANZ, Commbank, NAB and Westpac have all committed to exiting coal. The next step? Get out of gas!

Write and send a quick email to the big 4 banks now, and ask them to take the next step – move your money out of polluting gas.

Right now, the big banks have more than $16 billion invested in gas and oil – fossil fuels that drive climate impacts like extreme bushfires, drought and floods.

The banks need to know the community wants them to step up for our climate by moving their money out of climate-wrecking gas and into climate solutions.

Every email adds up. Let's make sure the banks know! Speak up now.

What to include in your email

  • In a sentence, explain why you care about solving the climate crisis and why we need to act now
  • Ask the bank/s to take the next step for our climate and move their money out of gas.
  • If you're a customer or shareholder, let the bank/s know
  • Check out bank rank to see the banks' fossil fuel track records and investment stats. You may like to include some of the info in your email.