While our elected representatives are squabbling over energy policy, our communities are suffering from more bushfires, floods and droughts, fuelled by global warming.

Instead of getting on with phasing out polluting fuels and harvesting clean energy from sun, wind and waves – the Turnbull Government is pandering to the coal and gas lobby and actively blocking the transition.

PM Turnbull is pressuring AGL CEO, Andy Vesey, to keep NSW’s dirtiest, oldest power station open past its used by date.

They’ve even given Andy an ultimatum – keep the dirty Liddell plant open or come up with an alternative energy plan in 90 days – something Turnbull and Abbott haven’t done in the last four years!

Andy Vesey has publicly stated it makes no sense to keep NSW’s oldest, dirtiest power station open. And in 2016, he joined ACF and 16 other prominent business leaders in Australia to develop a blueprint to transition Australia to 100% clean energy – Our Energy Future.

Let's make sure Andy stands strong by sending him a personal message of support to shut Liddell and lead on the transition to clean energy.

Will you email Andy now and encourage him to stick to his guns – shut Liddell so we can repower Australia with sun, wind and waves?