Energy Minister Angus Taylor wants to divert Australia’s clean energy agency – the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) – and transfer its funds to finance the coal and gas industries!

As early as next week, your Senators Rex Patrick and Stirling Griff could be asked to vote on this dangeous plan. They have the power to block Angus Taylor's plan by disallowing the changes to ARENA in the Senate.

Email your Senators and urge them to protect our renewable energy agency!

To start writing your email now, here's our suggested structure and talking points. But remember to personalise your email. Personalised emails are most powerful!

  • Introduce yourself briefly. Mention that you live in their state. Say something about who you are: are you a teacher? A parent? A grandparent? A member of a community or faith group? A young person?
  • Explain what issue you are contacting them about. Say that you are opposed to federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor’s plan to transfer funds from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency into dirty coal and gas projects.
  • Tell your Senators what you want, clearly and respectfully. Ask your Senators to speak up and block the federal Energy Minister's plan by disallowing those changes to ARENA in the Senate.
  • Thank them for their time and sign off.

We can stop this dangerous change to ARENA, through Senators like yours speaking up and blocking the Energy Minister’s changes. Let’s do this.


Header: Doug Gimesy