Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s surprise announcement in September of a deal for nuclear-powered submarines is still making national and international headlines.

With the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow bringing more attention to our national energy debate, the new push for nuclear power in Australia linked to the submarine deal risks becoming a serious roadblock to real climate solutions in Australia.

Apart from the clear links to nuclear disasters, multi-generational radioactive waste, nuclear weapons proliferation and unresolved security concerns – existing nuclear reactor technology is slow, expensive and uncompetitive.

It is imperative that the Prime Minister acts now on his assurance that the submarines deal will not lead to nuclear power or implicate us with nuclear weapons.

Send the Prime Minister the letter urging him to rule out nuclear power and weapons now.

We have climate solutions ready to take off. Clean energy from the sun and wind can power our communities, houses, cars, buses and trains – and be exported to the rest of the world in place of climate-wrecking fossil fuels or risky radiation. 

We must avoid dangerous distractions that take us sideways or backwards, instead of forwards.


Header: Patrick Federi