Prime Minister Scott Morrison is heading to Europe for key climate talks with world leaders, where there will be crucial opportunities for him to step up. We must keep up the pressure on him and his government.

His first stop is Rome for the G20 Summit. There the United Kingdom and the colossal European Investment Bank will ask Australia and the world’s major economies to join their deal to end all public finance for fossil fuels.

Committing to such a deal would flip the script on energy in Australia, propelling us towards a renewables revolution that drives down pollution. It would also open the door to clean energy exports that have the potential to generate $85 billion and 395,000 future-proof jobs by 2040.

Can you send an email to the Prime Minister? 

Before he boards the plane to Rome let's urge him to end all public finance to fossil fuels, so we can start cutting climate pollution this decade?

Net zero by 2050 is not enough.

On the world stage in Rome and Glasgow, the international spotlight of scrutiny on our Prime Minister will grow hotter. Let’s make sure there is pressure on him from home too.


Header: Maxim Tolchinsky