It’s rare we get real opportunities for decisive, ambitious climate action on the floor of our Federal Parliament. But we have one now.

Independent MP for Warringah Zali Steggall plans to reintroduce a revamped Climate Change Bill. If it passes, it would set Australia a 60% emissions reduction target by 2030, immediately doubling our current targets and bringing us into line with our trading partners, the calls from climate scientists and what the majority of Australians want.

We need a majority of our 151 MPs to support the Bill. Together, let's give the Bill, and the urgent climate action we need, the best chance possible at succeeding. 

Email your MP today and ask that they support the Climate Change Bill to cut climate pollution by more than half this decade.

Your email doesn’t have to be long – just tell your MP why significant climate action this decade matters to you, and urge them to support MP Steggall’s Climate Change Bill.

Climate action is about protecting our communities from devastating extreme weather like bushfires and drought, ensuring a safe future for our children and grandchildren, and protecting the places we love.

Our personal stories, why climate action matters to us, is what will compel our MPs to speak up and act.

Together, as constituents we can deliver thousands of unique personal messages. Send your email now.

From every angle our federal representatives are becoming surrounded by voices from communities, businesses and overseas demanding they step up for our climate. The pressure is on. Let's keep pushing them to action.


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