In every corner of Australia, people are calling loudly for our Parliament to step up to end the destruction of our bush, reefs, rivers and wildlife, and to restore the nature we all depend on.

Over 500,000 of us have signed the petition for new laws that actually protect nature and an independent regulator to enforce them.

Now it’s time to deliver it!

We’ve pre-written an email to help you deliver the petition to your representatives in our Federal Government. If you don’t have a Labor Member of Parliament (MP) you’ll still have several Labor Senators that represent your state and territory.

Personalise your email to increase your impact:

  • Write a unique subject line – to capture their attention.
  • Make the email your own – explain why you care. Personal (short) stories about your love of nature are great!
  • Be polite and encouraging – your email is more likely to be well-received if you're friendly.

Included in the pre-written email is this nature laws petition explainer, with our demands and signature numbers in every state and electorate.

With new nature laws on the table in 2023, we must make sure all members of the government are locked in behind making these laws a strong, bold and ambitious turning point for nature protection in this country.