Note, this email tool is only set up to contact Victorian Labor MPs  – if your MP is not with Labor, visit the Geelong Renewables Not Gas website to find other ways to take action in our community.

Right when we need to be transitioning to clean energy and away from dirty fossil fuels like gas, Viva Energy is proposing to build a massive new gas import terminal in Corio Bay. 

We want to make our community’s concern about this dirty gas project clear to the Andrews Government. 

Writing a unique and respectful email to your Victorian Labor MP is a powerful way to express your concern about this polluting gas terminal. MPs care what their constituents think, and for everyone who takes the time to write, MPs know there are many more community members who feel the same way.

Personalised emails are more powerful, so please edit the email template before hitting send – add some information about who you are, why you care, and any other details to help your MP sit up and take notice. 

Want to learn more about the project before messaging your MP? See these handy resources from Geelong Renewables Not Gas / ACF Community Geelong: