Safe, healthy communities depend on a healthy planet and climate solutions are here, now, and ready to scale in Australia.

To make it happen, your federal Member of Parliament (MP) needs to know the urgent demand for climate solutions from their constituents – including you.

After all, your MP elected to represent you and listen to and address community concerns. Every email MPs get from a constituent (a person who lives in their electorate) is treated as representative of 1 in every 10 constituents, so emailing your MP is a powerful way to flex your democracy muscles and call for climate action, now!

Email your local MP now and ask them to help renew Australia, and your local community, with climate solutions, like clean energy for our schools, and restoring our forests, wetlands and mangroves.

Tips for your email

  1. Briefly introduce yourself, including your name and where you live (so your elected representative knows you live in the area they are responsible for). You might like to also briefly say a little about who you are e.g. a young person, a person of faith, a local community group member, a teacher, a parent, a bushwalker.
  2. Explain your concern—identify clearly the issue that you wish to address. Remember, MPs and Senators have to be informed about a lot of issues. So be clear on what you are talking about! Then explain why you are concerned about or interested in this issue.
  3. Ask your MP to take action. Tell them clearly and respectfully what you would like them to slash climate pollution. This could be to stop spending public money on fossil fuels, rule out new coal and gas projects and infrastructure, and replace existing coal, gas and uranium exports with a renewable-powered exports industry. 
  4. Thank them and sign off.

More tips for writing a persuasive email to your MP.

Our elected representatives must act now to secure and create climate-positive jobs and do our part to cut pollution this decade — to keep people and wildlife safe from dangerous, climate-fuelled bushfires, droughts and storms.

Australia has abundant clean energy, the tools and the talent to do the job. Let’s get on with it. Use your power as a constituent, and email your local MP today.