As your elected representative, your local Member of Parliament (MP) has a responsibility to represent you and others in your community.  

Writing a unique and compelling email or letter to an elected representative is one way to tell your MP what you care about and why, and encourage them to take action. 

For every message your MP receives, they know that there are many other people in their community who feel the same way as you but just haven’t had the time to write in (yet!)

By taking the time to write and send your message, you can clearly convey to your elected representative the issues that you are concerned about – and what actions you would like them to take, or what solutions you would like them to speak up for, to address this issue.

Simply type in your residential address to look up your MP, write your message, then hit send!

Want some tips on how to structure your email first? Read our blog on Writing to your Member of Parliament. 


Header: Elke Kerr