Adani is trying for a third time to have the Morrison Government approve the same, flawed water-guzzling plan to service a coal mine that will drive climate pollution way up.

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley has one week to apply the water trigger – a legal safeguard that ensures large coal mining developments that would cause significant impact on our precious water undergo comprehensive investigation – and stop Adani’s plan.

Thanks to our victory in court, there is now a precedent that water infrastructure for coal seam gas and large coal mining projects must be assessed under our national environment law. Because of the scheme’s significant impact on water resources this means applying the law’s water trigger!

Adani's plan would guzzle 5,000 Olympic swimming pools worth of our precious water every year!

We must strongly encourage the Minister to do the right thing for our climate and nature, and recognise what is now legal precedent.

Email the letter to Minister Ley urging her to apply the water trigger and reject Adani’s water-guzzling plan.

Not once, but twice we have stopped Adani pushing through their plan to guzzle 12.5 billion litres of water from drought-stricken Central Queensland.

Not once, but twice we have taken the Morrison Government to court and won. When they failed to consider thousands of community submissions, we upheld democracy. When they did not assess Adani’s plan under the water trigger, we upheld the integrity of our national environment law.


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