Minister Taylor wants to tax the people of Australia to keep failing, out-of-date coal-powered stations in the grid.

His cash for coal scheme would cost households up to $7 billion, increasing electricity bills by up to $430 per year.

People would pay polluters to keep polluting. But with your help we can block it.

Our state energy ministers have the power to reject the cash for coal scheme

States and territories have been leading the way in supporting our transition to clean energy. Now before they meet with Minister Taylor on 20 September, we need to urge them to rebuff the cash for coal scheme and keep the focus on rapidly shifting to clean energy.

Can you email your state energy minister now and urge them to block Minister Taylor’s cash for coal scheme?

Because we spoke up, we have already thwarted Minister Taylor's numerous attempts to give public money to fossil fuels. Let's do it again. Together our voices are strong. 

What to write in your email

Introduce yourself – who you are, where you live then explain to your state energy minister why you are personally concerned about the cash for coal scheme, and ask them to take action: reject the scheme (the Physical Retailer Reliability Obligation), invest in climate solutions. 

You may also like to include any of these points:


Coal plants are the problem – they are old and failing. This scheme is trying to fix the wrong problem (one that doesn’t exist). The real problem is coal itself – our old coal plants are unreliable and constantly breaking down. And renewables are so cheap that coal can’t compete – it’s having a hard time staying profitable.


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It's a misuse of public money. Spending public money to prolong the life of dirty, unreliable coal plants is the worst possible plan. That’s basically extending the life of the problem and doing it with public money.


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Electricity prices would skyrocket. This dud of a scheme would cause our electricity prices to rise by up to $430 a year – so consumers would be paying the price to prop up coal barons.


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Burning coal causes climate damage. Scientists have made clear that we are facing a climate crisis and the whole world needs to phase out coal as quickly as possible. It’s irresponsible to be setting up a scheme that would do the opposite – that would keep coal burning longer.


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Keep investing in climate solutions. We have the solutions we need to transition to a reliable clean energy grid – and this scheme could get in the way of the clean energy investment we need, like independent 


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