We’ve done the research so you can learn which banks are leading and which are lagging behind on the path to decarbonisation. Not a single big bank in Australia has a climate policy in-line with keeping warming to or below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Banks are powerful players in our economy – behind nearly every home loan, business, major infrastructure project, or other development is a bank financing the activity. They decide what projects get financed, and which don’t.

Banks could set Australia on a path of protecting climate and nature.

Instead NAB continues to provide financial support to new and expansionary coal, oil and gas projects, despite the pressing need to swiftly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate damage.

Banks can help solve the climate crisis, rather than fueling it. Tell NAB why you care about action on climate change and ask them to take urgent action to end their support for fossil fuel expansion. We've written a message for you, but feel free to personalise it. If you're a customer, tell them how long you've banked with them.

NAB must engage more actively in climate change policy. By continuing to finance fossil fuel companies, the bank inadvertently contributes to the perpetuation of a carbon-intensive economy that undermines our collective efforts to combat climate damage.

We're all in this together. Or at least we should be.

Come on, NAB. Do your part!