The 2019 federal election must be a turning point. We simply can’t afford another three years of dithering and denial.

Together, we must raise our voices and votes to make stopping climate damage such a huge election issue, our next government will have no choice but to step up and act. Here's how: 

One million conversations

A core part of our strategy to make this the climate election is to mobilise the ACF Community and our core alliances to have one million conversations with Australians who vote.

We know real conversations, person to person, are the most powerful way to elevate issues, so we’re training thousands and thousands of volunteers to talk to voters on doorsteps, over the phone, at kitchen tables, train stations and barbeques.

We’re concentrating our efforts in three key electorates, so parties have to compete on issues to get elected. Volunteer teams are going street by street, door by door, to have conversations with voters. And to scale up the number of people we can talk to, we've built a whizz-bang dialler so everyone can have conversations with voters across the country from their own mobile phones.

Raise our voices

We’re asking citizens everywhere if they will be climate voters, then we’ll tally up the numbers in each electorate to demonstrate to the people’s representatives just how many people are prepared to vote to stop climate damage. Together, we will:

  • Demonstrate this is a vote-changer by showing all parties how many people care in each electorate.
  • Call on candidates to step up and push their parties to stop climate damage and shift to clean energy.
  • Make this campaign visible in streets and in the media to get people talking and show this is a major issue.

Use our votes

When the election’s called, we will unleash billboards, advertising and huge flocks of volunteers to tell voters everywhere how the parties stack up so everyone knows what they’re really voting for. We’ll:

  • Rate the parties’ policies in an independent scorecard to help voters make informed choices.
  • Flood key electorates with huge billboards, digital ads and volunteer door-knockers to share the verdict.

Together, we will make this the climate election! Be part of it.